Is Your Yard In Dire Need Of Pest Control?

If you live in one of the parts of Australia that are drought stricken, you may be having a difficult time keeping your lawn looking lush. However, if you are taking all the necessary measures to hydrate your grass, such as irrigation installation and mulching, and still find that your efforts are not fruitful, chances are you could have a pest infestation on your hands. Some pests can severely hinder plant growth on your property, as not only do they attack the root systems, but also can affect the composition of your soil.

Two reasons why you should call a pest control specialist if you find a mouse in your business premises

If you have spotted a mouse on your business premises, you should contact a commercial pest control specialist immediately; read on to learn why. There are probably more mice elsewhere in the building One lone mouse scurrying around your premises might not seem like that much of a problem. However, the reality is that there are probably many more mice residing within the walls of your commercial premises, as indoor mice almost always live in groups.

Mice in the Rice? Mouse Poop in the Soup? 7 Tips for Keeping Mice Out of Your Restaurant

If a mouse runs past one of the diners in your restaurant, that can be devastating to their meal and to your reputation. As a restaurant owner, it's critical to have a plan to deal with mice. Here are some essential tips to help you avoid and deal with these pests. 1. Clean Thoroughly at the End of Each Day Mice are opportunists. If there is food in easy reach, they will try to come in and grab it.

Identifying a Roach Infestation When Moving Into a New Home

The last thing that you would want when moving into a new home is to have to contend with a pest infestation. However, some people do not take the time to search for signs of pests as they are busy carrying out other building inspections such as checking for structural damage and making sure the plumbing is intact. A common pest infestation new homeowners become burdened with is cockroaches, as these insects reproduce at an astonishing rate.

Ignore the Swarm at Your Peril: 4 Actions You Should Take Upon Seeing Termite Swarmers in Your Home

As a homeowner in Australia, the last thing you want to see on a humid summer evening are termite swarmers (alates) flying in circles around your light bulbs. Flying termites are a portent of destruction. However, while you should immediately eradicate any flying termites you find in your home, you shouldn't stop there. You need to find out where those potential home eaters originated—and fast. If you have discovered that the lights in your home have attracted a swarm of termites, carry out the following actions to ensure your home is safe.