Is Your Yard In Dire Need Of Pest Control?

If you live in one of the parts of Australia that are drought stricken, you may be having a difficult time keeping your lawn looking lush. However, if you are taking all the necessary measures to hydrate your grass, such as irrigation installation and mulching, and still find that your efforts are not fruitful, chances are you could have a pest infestation on your hands. Some pests can severely hinder plant growth on your property, as not only do they attack the root systems, but also can affect the composition of your soil. It would be imperative to have a pest control professional inspect your land and discern if, indeed, you have an infestation on your hands. So what signs would be indicative that your yard is in dire need of pest control?

The grass has become spongy underfoot

In normal circumstances, spongy grass will usually be a sign of a burst pipe in your yard. Burst pipes are a serious problem so it would be best to discern whether this is the cause. However, if you find your plumbing system is intact yet parts of your lawn still feel mushy underfoot, it could be a reason to call in the pest control professionals. Mole crickets are the typical culprit for this sign as these insects attack the roots of your grass. As a result, the grass begins to decay, and your yard starts to feel spongy. Take note that mole crickets could also attract other foraging pests onto your property such as possums.

Mole holes on your property

A blatant indicator of a potential pest infestation in your yard is the presence of peculiar holes. These holes would typically be accompanied by some small mounds of soil. Further investigations may even alert you to tunnels beneath the ground that lead from one hole to the next. If you notice these signs, it is likely that you have moles infesting your property. Pest control services should be called on immediately, or you will find that as the population grows, the more the appearance of your yard deteriorates.

The yard has brown-coloured patches

When some homeowners notice brown patches on their property, they will typically assume that the grass merely has died off. Although dying grass is a plausible reason, brown patches could also signal a pest infestation. Some pest invasions tend to be concentrated on various parts of your lawn, rather than infesting the entire yard. Thus, where the colonies have started to breed is where the brown patches develop. If you are suspicious about some parts of your lawn not looking a uniform colour with the rest of your yard, you should have pest control services investigate the cause for you.