Two reasons why you should call a pest control specialist if you find a mouse in your business premises

If you have spotted a mouse on your business premises, you should contact a commercial pest control specialist immediately; read on to learn why.

There are probably more mice elsewhere in the building

One lone mouse scurrying around your premises might not seem like that much of a problem. However, the reality is that there are probably many more mice residing within the walls of your commercial premises, as indoor mice almost always live in groups.

As such, if you fail to take action after spotting the mouse, its companions will continue to live and breed inside your premises.

It's also worth noting that the gestation period for female mice is very short (it usually lasts three weeks or less) and they can often have up to seven 'pups' during a single birth.

This means that, if you do have a family of mice residing in your building, the size of this family will increase rapidly in a very short space of time. Given this, it's vital to contact a commercial pest control specialist the moment you spot the mouse.

It could create an unsanitary work environment

Much like rats, mice can carry and transmit diseases to humans. These diseases can be transmitted if a person accidentally comes into contact with a mouse's droppings or urine, or if they are bitten by a mouse (whilst mice do not usually attack humans, they may bite if they feel threatened or cornered).

As such, if you have a mouse infestation in your commercial building, it could potentially endanger the health of your employees or customers.

Should one of your employees or customers develop an illness as a direct result of the infestation, there could be very serious consequences for both you and your enterprise.

The affected individual might choose to file a lawsuit against you, which could cost you a great deal of money, as in addition to paying legal fees, you would also have to cover the cost of any compensation the individual was awarded.

This type of incident could also destroy your enterprise's reputation; if word gets out that you have failed to provide your employees with a safe work environment, your other staff members may choose to resign and your customers may choose to purchase their products or services elsewhere.

It would be far easier, safer and less costly to hire a pest control specialist to handle the infestation in its early stages.