When should you arrange for a termite inspection on your home?

Termites can cause huge damage to your property. They eat away at the wooden foundations and furniture in your home, often without leaving any visible sign. The best way to avoid this damage is through regular termite inspections, but when exactly should you schedule these? Annually The first and most important point is to get your home inspected for termites regularly — once a year for preference, and more often if you live in a hot and humid area.

3 Effective Remedies for White Ants

White ants, popularly known as termites, can cause hundreds and thousands of dollars in structural damage in your home. Unfortunately, detecting their infestation isn't always easy. You will likely only notice when the ants have already set up their colonies and the damage done. And because they live in significantly large colonies, getting rid of them can be hard. Knowing your home is infested by these ants is usually the first step to getting rid of them.