British Expats Vs Australian Pests: 5 Pests You Might Encounter Whilst Living in Australia

For British citizens looking to retire or build a new life elsewhere, Australia is by far the most popular destination, as shown by the immigration figures for 2013. With an average temperature that is 8 degrees higher than that of the UK, it is easy to see why many Brits might choose to move to Australia. However, along with the sub-tropical and tropical climates come pests of all shapes and sizes, some of which are not found anywhere in the UK.

Termite Control

Termites are very stealthy pests with the ability to take down entire wooden buildings and furniture to your detriment. Due to their nature, you need to take some pest control measures to safeguard your home. If you have not seen a sign of termites in your home or you want to build a house, do not rest. Take steps to repel termites and call a pest control service to set up comprehensive prevention measures against termites in your property.

Reasons to Get Rid of Wasps on Your Property

As a homeowner, having to contend with pests is something you will experience at a point or another. There is a multitude of pests that tend to invade households. The trick is to know how to avoid them and, if they are already there, how to efficiently get rid of them to avoid a repeat invasion. One of the worst pests that you can have nesting in your home or garden is wasps.

How to Remove Possums From Your Walls Without Causing Harm

Possums are nocturnal, which means that you won't realize that your walls are harbouring them until you are about ready for bed. Hearing the thump and scrape of a possum or two as they manoeuvre their bodies throughout your house, sometimes just inches away beyond the plasterboard, can be irritating and distressing. While possums are extremely territorial as well as persistent when it comes to their nesting site, with a little patience, you can remove them without causing too much fuss.