Mice in the Rice? Mouse Poop in the Soup? 7 Tips for Keeping Mice Out of Your Restaurant

If a mouse runs past one of the diners in your restaurant, that can be devastating to their meal and to your reputation. As a restaurant owner, it's critical to have a plan to deal with mice. Here are some essential tips to help you avoid and deal with these pests. 1. Clean Thoroughly at the End of Each Day Mice are opportunists. If there is food in easy reach, they will try to come in and grab it.

Identifying a Roach Infestation When Moving Into a New Home

The last thing that you would want when moving into a new home is to have to contend with a pest infestation. However, some people do not take the time to search for signs of pests as they are busy carrying out other building inspections such as checking for structural damage and making sure the plumbing is intact. A common pest infestation new homeowners become burdened with is cockroaches, as these insects reproduce at an astonishing rate.

Ignore the Swarm at Your Peril: 4 Actions You Should Take Upon Seeing Termite Swarmers in Your Home

As a homeowner in Australia, the last thing you want to see on a humid summer evening are termite swarmers (alates) flying in circles around your light bulbs. Flying termites are a portent of destruction. However, while you should immediately eradicate any flying termites you find in your home, you shouldn't stop there. You need to find out where those potential home eaters originated—and fast. If you have discovered that the lights in your home have attracted a swarm of termites, carry out the following actions to ensure your home is safe.

Steaks, Sausages, and Uninvited Spiders: How to Keep Spiders from Nesting in Your Outdoor Gas Grill

Since 2011, the car manufacturer, Mazda, has recalled approximately 92,000 cars—all because of spiders. Somehow, hordes of eight-legged critters had found their way into the engines of these cars and set up home. Obviously, spider silk and pipes meant to channel fuel do not mix and this combination can in fact lead to accidents. The same is true of outdoor grills, the gas kind. Although Australian winters aren't as harsh as those in the Northern Hemisphere, spiders will seek to shelter inside the cosy, dark interiors of your gas grill's burner pipes and hoses.

What To Try When Mice Bait No Longer Works

All our lives we have been told that dolphins are amongst the cleverest creatures in the world. However, if you have ever had a mice infestation you might be inclined to argue with this belief! Mice may be small, but what they lack in brawn they certainly make up for with brains. These crafty, resilient creatures are not only able to sniff out food that is wrapped up and tucked safely away, but they are also getting wise to human means of eliminating them such as putting mice bait down.