Commercial Pest Contol: Easy Ways to Tell When You Have a Bedbug Problem in Your Hotel

Bedbugs are the worst problem that can happen to you when you own or manage a hotel. They multiply fast and can fill every room within days. They will make your customers uncomfortable and even lead to loss of business. The best way to deal with bedbugs is to be on the lookout for signs of an infestation. Call a competent commercial exterminator when you notice these early warning signs that you might have bedbugs.

When Bugs Scurry Away During Cleaning

Your staff makes the beds daily. They will notice when you have an infestation. They might notice scurrying or scampering movements when they lift a bedsheet. You should investigate any case that the staff reports to you. Note that bedbugs often originate from the guests. For example, if a guest was in another infested accommodation, they might carry the bugs with their luggage and bring them to one of your rooms. The bugs will spread all over through cleaning and changing of sheets and other linens. However, an exterminator can help you treat all the bedding and rooms to stop the spread of the vermin.  

When the Bedsheets Have Stains

Bloodstains are another indicator that your hotel might have bed bugs. Bugs feed on human blood. Bedbugs also leave brown streaks of faecal matter on your bedsheets. Ask your cleaning team to always look out for bloodstains on the bedsheets and for trails of brown faeces. Fumigation might be necessary when the problem is widespread.

When People Complain of Bites

Bed bugs can cause mild to severe allergic reactions when they bite. Your guests will see red bumps all over their skin and might also itch a lot. These are indicators that you need to call a professional for extermination services.

The Client Ratings

One of the worst ways to learn that you have a bedbug problem in your hotel is through online reviews. The reviews can damage your business because everyone looking for accommodation will avoid booking with you if reviewers mentioned bedbugs problems in their reviews. However, the problem can get bigger and worse if you see the ratings and ignore the feedback. You should call a competent exterminator immediately after someone complains that they have bedbugs in their room. The expert will contain the problem. 

It is wise to always be on the lookout for signs of a bedbug infestation in your hotel rooms. Call commercial pest control professionals as soon as you have a complaint. They will give you a permanent and efficient solution for your bedbug problem.