Three Ways To Deal With Your Mattress After Finding A Bed Bug Infestation

The mere mention of some insects is often enough to make the skin crawl, and one such insect is the bed bug. Waking up to find little bite marks on your skin is the stuff of nightmares. So how exactly do you deal with this issue once you have confirmed that bed bugs are living on your mattress? Here are three treatment options to get these pests off your mattress and out of your life.

Call Pest Control

Calling professional pest control to get rid of the bed bugs is the best choice for several reasons:

  • any kind of chemical insecticides are effective but potent, so correct safety equipment is needed
  • professional pest controllers know how to get inside your mattress or bed base to spread the treatment further
  • pest controllers have access to non-chemical solutions such as heat treatment bags which completely encase the mattress and then apply high heat which kills the bugs

If you do not kill all of the bed bugs because you wanted to treat them yourself, then they quickly spread to nearby furniture and carpet. An attempt to save money could cost more because the bed bugs have spread through the house.

Mattress Encasement

If you don't want to use pest control to kill the bed bugs, then the next option is to buy a mattress encasement for your mattress. The encasement is similar to a large bag which you place the mattress into. It is then zipped closed and left on the mattress for at least a year. The bed bugs die naturally during this time-lapse due to lack of food and water. The positive is that no insecticides are used, but the negative is the bed bugs continue to live for some time during this treatment. Can your mind cope with the knowledge that the bed bugs continue to live beneath you?

Throw Away The Mattress

The most extreme way of getting bed bugs off your mattress is to throw out the mattress and buy a new one. However, since this is not the most economical way of dealing with your pest problem, it should only be considered as a last resort if you can't get rid of the bugs any other way.

Give your local pest control company a call to discuss bed bug treatment options for your bed bug problem. They can eradicate the little nippers for you, and you can go back to enjoying a bite-free sleep each night.