Three Ways To Deal With Your Mattress After Finding A Bed Bug Infestation

The mere mention of some insects is often enough to make the skin crawl, and one such insect is the bed bug. Waking up to find little bite marks on your skin is the stuff of nightmares. So how exactly do you deal with this issue once you have confirmed that bed bugs are living on your mattress? Here are three treatment options to get these pests off your mattress and out of your life.

2 Key Reasons to Have a Pre-Home-Buying Termite Inspection Performed

Termites live in large colonies and are known for their destructive tendencies in man-influenced environments. If you are looking to buy a pre-existing house, you can never totally rule out the possibility it could be termite-infested. It is, therefore, important to have a pre-purchase termite inspection performed before placing on offer on the property. A termite inspection is a job typically carried out by termite inspection and control specialists and paid for by potential home buyers.

Pest Control – Do You Have A White Tail Spider Infestation?

Australia may be chock full of spider species, but most of these insects tend to be more of an irritant rather than venomous. However, this is not the case with the white tail spider. This native Australian arachnid is a prolific hunter and preys on other spiders to survive. White tail spiders are commonly grey or brown, but you can distinguish them from their other arachnid counterparts by the distinct white speck on their tail.

Answers to 2 Commonly Asked Questions About Property Pest Inspections

Building and pest inspections are very important if you're planning to buy or sell a home. They highlight existing and potential damage from pest infestation so that you buy or sell your home at a fair price, knowing everything involved in its repair and maintenance. Unless you're buying a home to be demolished, it is advisable for buyers to order an independent pest inspection. You can then use the findings to decide whether to go ahead with it or negotiate for a lower price if there are defects.

Is Your Yard In Dire Need Of Pest Control?

If you live in one of the parts of Australia that are drought stricken, you may be having a difficult time keeping your lawn looking lush. However, if you are taking all the necessary measures to hydrate your grass, such as irrigation installation and mulching, and still find that your efforts are not fruitful, chances are you could have a pest infestation on your hands. Some pests can severely hinder plant growth on your property, as not only do they attack the root systems, but also can affect the composition of your soil.