What To Try When Mice Bait No Longer Works

All our lives we have been told that dolphins are amongst the cleverest creatures in the world. However, if you have ever had a mice infestation you might be inclined to argue with this belief! Mice may be small, but what they lack in brawn they certainly make up for with brains. These crafty, resilient creatures are not only able to sniff out food that is wrapped up and tucked safely away, but they are also getting wise to human means of eliminating them such as putting mice bait down. 

So, what can you do when your resident mice start to avoid the mice bait? Is there any other way to rid yourself of these pests? The good news is that there are a number of tactics you can try that will either eliminate these hairy little pests or drive them out of your home for good. 

Make Things Uncomfortable 

Rodents have two primary missions on their agenda and that is to reproduce and eat. Having such a strong purpose is possibly one reason why they are so resilient. They will resort to desperate measure when they need to find food or a nest. You have probably realised this yourself when accidentally leaving garbage or uneaten food lying around. Even food crumbs on the kitchen counter are enough to attract your little guests from out of their hiding places. One of the best ways to make your home less attractive to mice is by making it more attractive to humans -- that is keeping it clean and hygienic. By removing all accessible food or food waste, mice will be much likely to eat the mice bait you have laid down for them. The same approach can be used with rats and rat bait. 

Get Technical

If the mice bait is no longer working, you could choose to go down a more technical route. There are now mouse traps on the market that feature an electronic sensor. These detect when mice are present and activate a quick snapping mechanism that traps and kills the mouse quickly. 

Move Your Traps Around

Have you ever seen a mouse in a maze? It has to navigate its way around the maze to get to the food. After a while, the mouse gets smarter and smarter, memorising the route and getting to the cheese within seconds. These excellent navigation facilities are what also helps mice to avoid mouse traps that are laid in the same place night after night. You might put down the very best mice bait to tempt him, but the mouse knows where to go and where to avoid and will just give your traps a wide berth. Instead, place your traps in different places so that you can catch the mice out unawares. 

There are many ways that mice bait and rat bait can be used more effectively, but if all else fails you may want to call out your local pest control company.