Problem Birds: 3 Ways a Pest Control Company Can Help

While birds can look really pretty when sitting in a tree or swooping through the sky, if they if invade your property they can also create trouble. Bird poop is highly corrosive and can damage the paint on your home and vehicles. Birds can also carry a range of diseases which could lead to you or your family developing an illness. Below is a guide to the steps a pest control crew will take to deal with pest birds which are in your home. 

Anti-Bird Spikes

Anti-bird spikes are pointy metal objects which are attached to the exterior of your home. They are normally positioned on flat surfaces such as ledges which are attractive to birds. The spikes stop birds from landing on these surfaces and encourage them to land elsewhere such as a nearby tree or on your neighbour's property.

Chimney Protection

If a bird enters your chimney, it can cause all kinds of problems. The biggest problem is created if the bird becomes stuck in the chimney and creates a blockage. If the chimney is in use, this could cause smoke and carbon monoxide to build up in your home or create a risk of fire. Even if the bird does not become trapped, its droppings may eventually create a blockage. A pest control crew will be able to install special netting over the top of your chimney. This netting is designed to prevent birds from roosting on top of the chimney or from entering the flue. The netting allows hot gases to escape so the chimney can function as normal. 

Decoy Models and Sounds

The pest control crew may also install model decoy birds on the top of your home. These models are based on birds-of-prey such as eagles. When smaller birds see these models, they are fooled into believing they are at risk and so will leave the area. For added realism, you may wish to install small speakers on the exterior of your home which can be programmed to play the call of a bird of prey.

If you would like to find out more about bird control around your home, you should contact a pest control specialist today. Also, it is really important to remember that if you have pest birds in any other area which isn't a commercial or residential property, such as an airfield, the guys from pest control definitely won't be able to visit you.